Indie Kristen | Orange County Photography

It was Sunday afternoon, we almost cancelled due to rain, but we said screw it, let’s DO THIS! So we did. We met up with Kristen, at the train station, on a “supposed to be raining” Sunday afternoon. We set everything up and began to shoot. Right next to the train tracks we started taking pictures, when Kristen happened to mention “oh, yeah, and let me know when a train is about to come by, because I am terrified of them..” — wait WHAT!?!?! — lol. woops. note to self : ask clients what their fears are. Lucky for us, Kristen rocked it. I mean ROCKED it!! We told her she was a natural, and she said “you have no idea how hard I am trying!” Well, either way Kristen, you were awesome! Annnnnd we even rid her of her train fears! The largest, most powerful train I have ever seen flew past us, almost knocking us over–seriously! It was scary at best, but wound up being SO FUN! Kristen stood there slightly terrified–but see below–she had a blast!.. no, rephrase. Kristen NAILED IT! (and oh yeah, this is our “catch phrase” for owning it. you will definitely be hearing it more often, because we say it–A LOT!)
Thank you Kristen for being a FABULOUS model! We love you and can’t wait to do it again!!
Kristaina you are GORGEOUS@&$*#! )@
Kristen VS. The Giant Train: Just modeling
Kristen VS. The Giant Train: Getting into it
Kristen VS. The Giant Train: LOVING IT!
Ok so this is her “where the wild things are” book. HOW AWESOME is this! I love it!! sort of makes me want to read–and I don’t really read. I tell myself I want to read. But never do. The furry cover may change my mind. i’ll let you know 😉

A Tent for Two- Our Personal Blog

So we decided to start a new blog. A personal one. One with only pictures of us. It’s crazy that as photographers we really don’t take enough pictures of our own life. So this blog is dedicated to do just that. Document our life, and the adventures we take. With that said, we will no longer be posting personal stuff here, but please feel free to join us and follow along at a Tent for Two :O)



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